Your video conferencing… Rich, immersive & stunning

Broadcast a live stream by embedding Youtube Live, Vimeo, or Facebook Live or confidently play a pre-recorded presentation that your audience can watch as if it was live.

Allow Attendees to connect in a variety of ways and feel right at home with features and content. While we polish and scale real-time collaboration through live streams and pre-recorded content, we also recommend using our Webinar Engine + Zoom integration to unlock the power of marketing and monetization.

Everything you need to host  Epic hybrid & virtual events 

Merge the functionality of In-person Meetings to your Virtual Meetings. Add a digital experience to your Physical Event with the click of a button using any of our Collaboration Devices and stream into Webinar Engine.

Whether Attendees are On-site, Remote or a bit of both, we’ll work with you to bring your brand vision to life. We built this platform to foster, enable and encourage getting together—one on one, one to a few, and one to many — whether people are face to face or remote; using Video Meetings,  Webcasting, Whiteboarding, Annotation and much more.

Build online communities with flexibility, control & freedom 

Join Meetings and Webinars from your mobile devices. Explore community features such as User Profiles, Groups, Activity feeds, Forum discussions and more.

Extract perceptive data, demographics, psychographic and behavioral data for your marketing; and analyze how your audience are relating with your message.

Curate ideas together, conduct online brainstorms or polls, foster networking and peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing, discuss within your community one week before your event and close with an Happy Hour Evening program to overcome the fatigue of Virtual Events.

Connect people everywhere, and expand your audience

Connect people together wherever they are and shift Attendees to Participants through engagement and co-creating. Organizers and Creators can form lasting connections with Attendees, whether through group chats or one-on-one convos with optional audio and video.

Know Your Customer (KYC) – Create Audience profiles for your next events right out of your community of followers. Map your audience journey, leverage the chat to answer questions timely, educate and nurture interest.

The most sophisticated and integrated platform you need 

Keep everything in one place! Our platform is versatile and customizable, giving you the freedom to get as creative as you’d like when designing your events – without juggling platforms or wasting time and money on separate platforms!

Your Attendees can also conveniently browse through Event Posters, and add Single or Recurring Events to cart.

From landing a winning first impression with stunning Virtual Lobbies to using our built-in ticketing platform to create Paid Ticket Types for in-person events. We enhance your opportunity to connect anybody wherever they are with no “Download” nor “Install” required.

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